Move Better (Movement)

 Keep it simple

Having good well-being has to include having a good level of physical fitness, but we are not talking extreme here.

We believe in keeping our fitness simple and one of the simplest and most effective ways to get into and keep in shape is through walking outside in the great outdoors. Add to that some Yoga and a bit of resistance training now and again and you have it nailed.

No need for gyms or expensive equipment, just some time and the right intention is all you require to start to feel a lot better in that body of yours.


When you are ready to step it up a bit we have a great way to do that. It involves moving a bit faster using a mixture of jogging and walking, something we call "Jolking". Jolking is really easy on your body and your head and is a lot of fun.

We will be sharing all about our movement ideas through our podcasts, videos and blogs. We also intend to start arranging days when some of our community can come walking with us and let us show them just how good moving outside can feel.