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We Believe Well-Being Matters!



Well-being according to the English dictionary is “the state of being comfortable, happy or healthy” We think that should be comfortable, happy and healthy.


People have got used to putting up with poor levels of health and happiness, and living lives that are less than they can be. How do we know this? because that is what we had done.

When we started to make some changes our lives started to get way better. We started to realise that better well-being equals a better life.


Nothing we have done was extreme. If two fairly normal middle-aged redheads from the North of England can do it, anyone can.

You are marketed to every day by companies in the wellness industry trying to sell you something. Miracle diets that offer effortlessly weight loss in a month. Workout routines that promise a beach body in 6 weeks or courses to follow that will change your relationships and happiness overnight.

Most of these offerings are bulls**t and let's be fair we all know that.

Our way is not extreme, will not require you to spend loads of money on fads, hell, you don't even need to join a gym or eat mung beans to experience a great level of well-being (but if you like mung beans and gyms, that's cool, you can work around that too.)

We Practice What We post.

Everything we share we have done. We won't ask anyone to do anything we have not tried and know to work. You will get down to earth no BS information and advice from people who have done it. Change is not always easy but we believe you can handle it much better if you know what to expect along the way.

Nobody can do it alone

We understand and value the importance of community and being supported by others who have made or are making the changes you are going through. So our mission is to build a community of support through Facebook, events and meetups for anyone wanting to improve their well-being and live a happier, healthier life.

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The founders of Better24/7

Sue Cowlishaw

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Sue is a qualified Yoga teacher, Life Coach and lover of the great Outdoors. She is an avid cook, a big supporter of the plant based diet and looking after our planet by the choices we make.


Gareth Boot

 GB, Feb 19

Gareth is a well-being and Mindset coach and a fully qualified NLP Master Practitioner. Having been introduced to walking by Sue he loves to spend his spare time up some hill somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales.